Quality Processing Creates Better Hop Pellets

We grow hops. We process hops. And we sell hops. What makes ours different than all the others is simple. We do all these things better. Our unique drying technique is just one example. Take a look at the process below and learn why our wholesale hops are a whole lot better.


In late August and through September, our hop bines are cut and immediately transported to our processing facility.

Stripping and Sorting

Our Wolf Hopfenplück hop harvesters strip and sort the hops. Within minutes—not weeks or days—they are placed in our customized oasts.


While some overheat, we gently dry our hops with warm air. This method retains the essential oils and aromas. The dried hops are baled, then placed into cold storage.


Dried hops then become hop pellets during a trip through our state-of-the-art hammer mill and pelletizer.


Tenacious Badger hop pellets are then nitrogen flushed, vacuum packed and placed into freezer storage until they are shipped to our customers who use them to brew better beer.