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Want beer that’s better? How about you start by using better hops. Our warm air oasting process results in a higher quality hop pellet for results that pack a punch. Stop settling for high temperature kiln dried hops and use something better. As we say around here, life’s too short to brew crappy beer.

Wholesale Hop Pellets for Every Flavor Profile

With numerous hop varieties, including hard to find hops you might not find anywhere else, Tenacious Badger doesn’t mess around. And neither should you. Get the high-quality hops that make your beer better. Don’t forget, orders over $100 ship free!

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Columbia Hops

An all-purpose variety originally developed for Budweiser in the 1960s from a cross of Fuggle and is a sister to Willamette. Columbia hops have pungent aromatics and a clean, crisp flavor profile with a notable twist of lemon citrus. Ultimately, Budweiser went with the softer noble Willamette hop, leaving this one for you.

Bitter Gold Hops

Released in 1999, this potent, super-alpha bittering hop has values higher than Galena or Nugget with fruity, tropical, citrus and grassy aromas. Bitter Gold hops have a complex pedigree that includes Brewers Gold, Bullion, Comet and English hops.

Tahoma Hops

Newly released by Washington State University in 2013, Tahoma hops are a daughter of Glacier that retains low cohumulone with a somewhat higher alpha acid content with subtle lemon and citrus notes.

Michigan Copper Hops

Michigan Copper hops, a proprietary super-aroma release from Great Lakes Hops with tropical fruit and floral aromas, was just released in 2015. Breweries who trialed the cones were immediately excited to get their hands on it. It is currently in continuing field trials.

Dried Hops, Not Fried Hops

Most processors heat the hades out of their hops. Sure, that kills all the little bugs and other critters, but it also murders the flavor. Tenacious Badger’s unique low-heat method is revolutionary. And once you use our hops, you’ll taste why.

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